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What is the difference between declaration and inspection

Release time : 19th April 2021Views : 1938

The import and export of goods involves many links, one of which is to apply for inspection. The friends who have heard about customs declaration should not be familiar with the concept of inspection application. Some friends will have such questions - whether all goods need to be inspected, and what is the difference between customs declaration and inspection. Let's introduce you in detail in the following small day.

Difference one: the difference of competent authorities

Customs declaration, simple understanding is to declare goods to the customs, its competent body is the customs;

The direct understanding of the application for inspection is to declare the goods to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and its competent authority is the inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Difference two: the order of occurrence

Generally speaking, the inspection application is prior to the customs declaration. Only after the inspection by the commodity inspection department and the confirmation is correct, the customs will accept the declaration application, and then, it is the measures such as tax release for the examination of the documents.

Of course, in the actual work, not all export goods need to be inspected. Generally, only some commodities required to be inspected by the state must be inspected, but all import and export commodities need to be declared.

Generally, the customs will accept the declaration application of the owner after the commodity inspection department confirms that it is correct. Then it is a series of procedures such as document review and release.

But in practice, not all goods need to be inspected, only those goods specified by some countries must be inspected, but all import and export goods must be declared. This is undoubtedly true.

Difference 3: each performs his or her duties without affecting each other

Just said that not all goods need to be inspected, so we can find that customs declaration and inspection application are two non influencing links, and will not affect the other because there is no operation of which link.

However, when the actual import and export is clearly stipulated, the application will be completed at the same time to avoid deviation.