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The importance of cross border logistics transportation tracking

Release time : 19th April 2021Views : 1874

In the choice of cross-border logistics, most sellers tend to pay more attention to logistics timeliness and logistics price. Because logistics timeliness, to a large extent, determines the consumer's shopping experience, the seller's bad rating and the number of complaints. Logistics price is directly related to logistics cost, product cost and product profit. Price and timeliness are the focus that cross-border sellers have to pay attention to, but in addition, transportation tracking and information tracking in logistics should also be the focus of sellers.

Logistics tracking, originally used to be a means of tracking the flow of goods within logistics enterprises, has become a free value-added service for customers with the upgrading of services. The shipper can know the transportation status of the package through the logistics order number, without contacting the carrier for consultation. In China, due to the development of e-commerce and logistics industry, the real-time tracking query of parcels is basically realized.

However, in terms of cross-border logistics, it is often impossible to obtain the package logistics in time after the package leaves the country, which leads to the recipient unable to provide the necessary logistics information to the sender and affects the transaction of the whole order.

Notes for cross border sellers: the importance of cross border logistics transportation tracking

1. Understand the transportation path of packages

Logistics tracking enables cross-border sellers to know the transportation track of the package, the current status of the package, whether it leaves the country, whether it is in transit, and where the specific location is. When consumers are eager to get the package, they can use the existing logistics information to inform consumers of the freight situation and the waiting time, so as to appease consumers.

2. Know if the package is safe

Logistics tracking can also let cross-border sellers know whether the package is safe. In cross-border transportation, packages may be lost, lost or damaged. Through the logistics tracking information, if it is found that the package has not moved for a long time and there are no special factors, it is likely that the package has an accident. Then, according to the tracking information, we can further check with the customer service of the carrier and ask to open the search to find the package. If the freight information is normal, then the parcel rate is safe.

3. Provide freight information for customers

Logistics tracking can also provide customers with freight information, so that customers can understand the transportation status of goods and the estimated arrival time, so as to provide customers with a better shopping experience.

4. It is conducive to the formulation of corresponding strategies

Logistics tracking is also helpful for the seller to make countermeasures. If the package is transported without tracking information, it is impossible to understand the dynamic of package transportation. And buyers are eager to use the goods transported. It will be a difficult choice whether to re mail or wait. If the package transportation information is sufficient, it is enough to provide reference for the seller to develop the correct countermeasures.

Current situation of cross border Logistics

Under the current environment, due to the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry in China, the real-time tracking of packages has been basically realized, that is, the logistics tracking information of packages is consistent with the actual transportation dynamic. In cross-border logistics, due to the infrastructure construction of various countries, the foreshadowing of carriers' logistics outlets and other policies, it is often impossible to obtain the package transportation dynamics after the package leaves the country. In Europe and the United States, due to the perfect infrastructure and developed logistics industry, even postal parcels can provide simple tracking information. However, in some underdeveloped countries, it is difficult to find the proper delivery information of packages.

For cross-border sellers, the lack of tracking information and proper delivery information will lead to the increase of transaction disputes. However, some local logistics service providers have advantages in information tracking. In some countries and regions where DHL express, FedEx Express and UPS Express can not provide high-quality services, sellers can choose special logistics channels that cooperate with local logistics service providers to deliver goods, and the time efficiency, price and information tracking are guaranteed accordingly.